Thanksgiving Poems

                     I believe in God, and it is to Him that I am thankful.
                However, if you don't believe, I'm sorry.
                        You may write a poem of thanks to whomever you wish.

Remember the poets' retain their copyright, please ask before you take a copy...
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Let Us Be Thankful for the Present
by Anna Mae Wittig
Look down on us, oh Lord, we pray
And keep us safe, from day to day.

Blind us from the faults of others,
Teach us to love .... help one another.

Let us be thankful for all we see,
For all we were, and are... will be.

Let us not regret the past,
Nor be the first... a stone to cast,

For while we worry 'bout the future
and regret the past ....
The present.... we should be thankful for,
Slips fast !!!

by J.M. Stevens
Dear God, I thank You for this land
For dry days and for rains,
For snow caps on the mountains,
And golden wheat-filled plains,

For air so hot in summer,
For winter's chilling breeze,
For woods, and ponds, and rocks, and hills,
But more than all of these,

I thank You for the footsteps
Our Christian fathers trod,
And for the martyrs' blood that flowed
All for the cause of God.

I thank You for the freedoms
Of which our fathers sought,
And for the many rights we have
For which they amply fought,

The right to be assembled,
The right to read Your Word,
The right to get excited 'bout
The Good News we have heard,

The right to share the Gospel,
To take it door-to-door,
The right to teach our children
The precepts we stand for.

Now, in this land of freedoms,
There are those who wish we'd be
A "quiet" bunch of oddballs,
Less zealous, and less free.

Lord, help me keep on running
With the torch that I've been passed,
Until that day in Glory
When I see Your face at last.

by L. B. Strawn
Thank you for your mercy, Lord,
And thank you for your love.
Thank you for your holy word
Which came from heaven, above.

        Thank you for the savior
        Who came to earth and died
        That we might truly savor
        Your grace, to us, implied.

Thank you for each blessing, good,
For health and strength and life.
Thank you for our daily food
And, even Godly strife.

        Thank you for each family
        And thank you for each home.
        Thank you for eternity
        Which, someday soon, will come.

Give us strength, oh Lord, to cope
With problems which we face,
That we may keep that promised hope
To live with you through grace.

        Grant to us that you'll forgive
        As we repent from ev'ry sin,
        That, in eternity we'll live,
        In Jesus' blessed name, amen.

By L. B. Strawn
Every day is thanksgiving day,
Since I became a child of God,
For I am now a spiritual being
And not just a worthless chunk of sod

I am thankful for all of my blessings,
Even those of temptations and trials.
For they are intended to make of me
One who can see through the tears to the smiles.

When others around me are discontent,
Though I may have some sadness or sorrow,
I look ahead, with the strength from God,
To a cheerful and pleasant tomorrow.

These pleasant tomorrows are here on earth,
Where I can express my love and thanksgiving.
There are multitudes of those lovely days,
But only a few of the sad days, while Iím living.

These are trivial and mundane moments,
When considering the worry I could borrow,
By not trusting in God to see me through
To that heavenly, tearless tomorrow.

I'm thankful to God that - - I'm Loved
by Gerry Rothery
There's no music to this song in my heart,
Only rhythmic beating from deep within.
When did the words to this song have their start?
When in my life did this love song begin?

"I'm loved, I love, it's so sweet to be loved.  Love me."

Was I a child in that church small and white?
Was it from grandmother's lips that I heard?
Did it come to me in a dream at night,
Perhaps from the wings from a fluttering bird?

"I'm loved, I love, it's so sweet to be loved. Love me."

It may have been in my pulse it was born,
Breathed by my mother before my birth,
It's been there each evening, and every morn,
Since I've been a person upon this earth.

"I'm loved, it's so sweet to be loved.  Love me."

This song in the beat of my heart, sings on,
And I now know it's originaton,
I'ts a treasure, and a heavenly song,
Not from the pulse of imagination.

"I'm loved, I love, it's so sweet to be loved. Love me."

What is There to be Thankful For?

By Shelby Forrest
The old man sat with his head in his hands
A frown adorning his face
A blind man stood just to his right
And quietly stared into space.

Another man was looking at him
As he sat down on his left.
The man concentrated on reading his lips
All his life he had been deaf.

The blind man turned to his elderly friend
And this to him did say,
"What things can you be thankful for
As we near Thanksgiving Day?"

"There's nothing I am thankful for,"
He said in a bitter voice.
"Im losing my touch; I'm getting old,
"And I don't have a choice."

The blind man touched him on his eye.
"With this you can see me.
"I'm so thankful that I can hear.
"It's with my ears I see."

The deaf man was thankful for his sight.
To him it was quite clear.
"I'm able to read your lips," he said.
"It's with my eyes I hear."

"You have the power to see and to hear.
"You're old, but yet you thrive.
"Quit smothering yourself with self pity
"Be thankful you're still alive."

From one to the other the old man looked
Then  dejectedly hung his head.
"Yes, many blessings I have to count.
"On those I should dwell instead."

"Poetry written in metric rhyme
Can bear the wear of eroding time"

Forest of Poetry Trees

I'm Suggesting Ham!

by Sammy
People gather once a year, a big feast is prepared,
To celebrate their thankfulness for good times that they've shared.
They heap the table full of food, complete with pies and jam,
It's turkey that they pander for but I'm suggesting ham!

My mother told me birds like us become a treat devine,
She warned me I must watch my step when people plan to dine.
Turkey is their meal of choice but I don't give a damn,
You've never had a finer meal than tasty roasted ham!

Ben Franklin wanted turkeys, not eagles on the seal,
That shows this country's glory and the way that we all feel.
So listen to this great man and honor Uncle Sam,
And on this coming holiday you all should eat a ham!

I'm proud to be a turkey and I've probably said enough,
I hope someone is listening or Thursday will be rough.
I'm trying to be thankful that I am just what I am,
Remember me Thanksgiving day and buy yourself a ham!


Things I'm Thankful For
by Kenny Wittig
I'd like to take this time right now,
To thank the Lord above
For giving to me all the things,
That I have grown to love

The first would be my lovely wife,
 I couldn't do without
Next would be our way of life,
To this I have no doubt

It isn't always joy and riches,
So please don't get me wrong
But having someone you trust and love,
Can make your life prolong

My job is one that I enjoy,
For this I will profess
For Work and happiness are one,
To this I must confess

So once again I give my thanks,
To the Lord - My God above
For creating such a life for me,
with everything I love

Granny's Table

By Sheila Panzone
It's age is at least one hundred years,
And I always get it ready as Thanksgiving nears
It's waxed and polished til it shines like gold,
but it's just a wooden table thats old
And if it could talk,
Oh, the stories it could have told
But now comes the good linen, the china and silver plate,
Along with crystal glasses for this special date
With fresh flowers and candles of beeswax  and scent,
I know that I should be very content
But something is not right and I know what it is,
It's the places of loved ones who've passed that I miss.
There's no place for them, and there never will be
except in the hearts of our family.

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